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SQL Anywhere 12 web edition license question

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While compiling my blog in regards to opensearch here on SCN I double checked the licenses for SQL Anywhere 12.

In the blog I used what I thought was my SQL Anywhere "web edition" licensed version 12 on a micro instance in the AWS cloud.

Following the FAQ for the web edition SQL Anywhere Web Edition FAQ - Technical: Mobile Enterprise, Database Management iAnywhere - Sybase ...

How can I get a copy of SQL Anywhere Web Edition?

SQL Anywhere Web Edition is available for download from the web site. A direct link to the download is available here:

The download link points to the "Developer edition".

After checking this I thought I better check my version via Server Licensing utility (dblic)

And it does appear I must have followed the developer edition

dblic /opt/sqlanywhere12/bin32/dbsrv12.lic

SQL Anywhere Server Licensing Utility Version

License read successfully.

Developer Edition



I have now shutdown my version of SQL Anywhere on the AWS instance.

After reading the FAQ I understand that both a developer & web edition license would be required. But no obvious place to get a "web edition" license.


1) is it possible to still get a "web edition" license for SQL Anywhrere 12?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Robert,

Unfortunately, the SQL Anywhere Web Edition has been discontinued and is no longer available.

The SQL Anywhere Developer Edition is licensed solely for internal evaluation, development and testing of applications compatible with SQL Anywhere.  That means use of the Developer Edition is ok if  for example you are  evaluating the use and compatibility of SQL Anywhere with OpenSearch/ RSS/Lumira/etc..., so long as you are  not deploying a production application or reselling anything that includes SQL Anywhere.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me directly ( I will help you sort things out.

--Jason Hinsperger

Product Manager

SQL Anywhere

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