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SQL Anywhere for BI 4 does not start

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We are having issues with SQL Anywhere starting after using the standard sqlanywhere shutdown script on AIX 7.1. In order to restart, we would need to use the which resolved the problem and restarted everything.

After some in depth research, we found the issue could be resolved by adding the -ch 1g parameter to the SQL Anywhere startup script. However, the server would only restart with 1g, any other number or even using the p resulted in the need to repair the installation. After adding the parameter, we successfully were able to use the shutdown and startup scripts to successfully restart on our DEV & QA servers. We made the same change to our PRD server and had successful results.

We are now getting out of memory errors periodically which shutdown the server and figure it is related to this change. I could remove the parameeter, but that would mean wasting an hour by running the repair to bring the server back up.

We are running SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 build 4127. Are there any other things to try so we can resolve the issue?

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It might be possible you do not have enough space when you set it as 1g. Please try using -ch 900m or less value than 1g. If it still occurs, reduce the maximum cache by at least 10MB.

Thank you!