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spreadsheet table to column chart problem

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Trying to copy a spreadsheet from Excel to a spreadsheet table to pick rows to graph in a column chart.

This isn't the spreadsheet, but it's set up like this. The underlines are there to space things out like table cells.


Number of Pets




Number of Plants

Trees_______________________ 2______3____________1


In the spreadsheet table:

display data: everything

source data: the numbers and the blank line on the "Number of Plants" row

destination :a blank row extending from column 2 to column 4

In column chart;

make a series

make pick by row

source data: the blank row from col 2 to col 4

make rows 1,2, 5 not pickable

When I preview, some of the pickable rows show nothing on the bar graph and others show graph for other row.

What am I doing wrong ?

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Trying easier ones. For the spreadsheet table, the display data is all the rows, the source data are the numbers, and the destinations are blank rows that are 2 cells wide.

A spreadsheet table with the 2 rows

1 2

3 4

goes to a column chart fine.

A spreadsheet table with the 2 rows

a 1 2

b 3 1

goes to a column chart ok except tick marks aren't labelled with numbers on the b row.

A spreadsheet with the 3 rows


b 1 2

c 3 1

has only row b in the column chart and row c is picked in the

What am I missing ?