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Spool number

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Iam running a background job which run 4 programs.When the job is finished i check the spool list.Iam getting the old spool numbers for each program in the job.

I found the latest spool numbers are updated in SP01.But the old spool list not updated with new spool list when i ran the background job.

How can we refresh the spool numbers?



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Answers (3)

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<i>When the job is finished i check the spool list</i>

Can you tell us how are you checking that the job is finished and how are getting the spool list? Are you calling some function modules? Did you check if your internal tables are correctly refreshed and all your variables are initialized properly?

How much time are you giving between running the job and checking for the spool ids? Sometimes spool is not completely committed. Try using a commit before you read the spool list.

Your program submits the 4 programs in the background and then reads the spool list. Am I correct?


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Hi Rajesh,

I (and perhaps many others) could not fully understand

your query. Can u pls clarify a little more!


Amit M.

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I am not sure I understand your problem but I think that what you are saying is that each time you run your job it keeps adding to an existing spool.

This is probably because in the output options for the job (in SM36) the New Spool Request flag is set to 'No'. If the job was created via abap submission instead of SM36 there is an equivalent 'NEW LIST IDENTIFICATION' extra within the 'SUBMIT ... TO SAP-SPOOL' statement.