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splitting of messages

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I have a 80MB file and want to split that into 4 files (20MB each). Is it possible to split the message using file-xi-file scenario ?? I mean 4 files to be printed in target folder.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kumar !

Yes. You should set the "Recordsets per Message" parameter of the File adapter SENDER. It should be the amount of recordsets you want XI to put per XML message. If your source file has 80mb and that is for example aprox. 1.000.000 recordsets/records, then you should do the math to set the amount of recordsets to match aprox. 20mb (aprox. 250.000 recordsets will be about 20mb!!!).

To use this feature, you must activate the file content conversion in message protocol of the comm channel settings. Also set "Recordset Structure" as "your_recordset_name, 1". Create a data type/message type according to your recordset structure. You also can process the file as raw, that is, all record data, as only one big field.

check this:




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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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u can use any open source file splitter(just search google for any file splitter) to break the file into smaller chunks(20MB in ur case) and then feed one by one.

just by XI its not possible