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Splitting a Physical Data Model into two(2) separate models

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I'm wondering the best way to do this (I do not have a repository)

I'm on 16.5

I have a model for my Data Warehouse that contains both my staging tables and my DW tables.  As I add more tables I realize it would be easier to manage releases to the data base with two separate models.

Should I:

1.  Just make a copy (Save As) and delete the unwanted parts from each copy?

2. Generate a new model from the current one and then delete the unwanted parts from each?

3.  Is there a 3rd option

Keeping in mind that I want to preserve the lineage from the LDM to the PDM DW tables.  The staging tables have no such lineage (as they are clones of source tables from a COTS system)  and I may or may not document Source to Target mapping from the staging tables to the DW tables in PD

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Hello Jane

Whatever you do, don't use 'Save As' to create a new model, as the new model (and the objects it contains) would have the same internal ID (GUID) as the original, which will cause problems later on, especially when you try checking the new model in to your repository - it'll think it's the same model, as it has the same ID.

To create two separate PDMs, do the following:

  1. Create an Archive copy of your original PDM, just in case (File | Save As - choose 'Archived PDM' file type)
  2. Check the current model in to the repository and Freeze it
  3. Use 'Save As New Model' to create a new PDM for your staging tables. Don't use it for the DW tables, or you'll have to change the 'Target Model' connection in your LDM. You don't need traceability from the LDM to your staging tables, so that makes life simpler.
  4. Delete the unwanted parts from your new PDM, then double-check to see if you still have any shortcuts back to your LDM, just in case - see 'Shortcuts' on the model menu.
  5. Delete the unwanted parts from your original PDM. Consider renaming the model (in the Browser) and the model file to avoid future confusion.
  6. Check both models in to the repository - I would create a baseline version of the original PDM (not sure why, it just feels like the right thing to do)

There is a third way - create a separate package in your PDM to hold the staging tables, then drag those tables into the new package. If you have all the staging tables on a single diagram, here's a shortcut - right-click the diagram in the browser and choose 'Convert to Package'.

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Thats the way, aha aha, i like it, aha, aha

Still not fixed this behaivor ?