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Specifying the Path for the New Data File with sapdba

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Hi Guru,

I am using oracle 8i, SAP 4.0b, OS sun solairs 7.5.

I want to increase tablespace through sapdba but default path file comes in sapdata3 and i want to in sapdata1. Because i have space in sapdata1. How can change datafile path. Please explain with step by step.

I am given default path show in sapdba


Alter tablespace PSAPBTABI add data file


a - Show existing data files: 30 old files

b - New name: '/oracle/BDP/sapdata3/btabi_31/btabi.data31'

c - New size: 2088960 K

File system: '/dev/dsk/c68t3d0s3'

Free space: 18933503 K

d - Define more than one new data file

f - Select new path from a list of file systems

r - Select new path from a list of raw devices

s - Start

q - Return

Please select =>f

If i select f (select new path form a slist of file system) then i got a warring message which is given below:-


Available disk space (new file size 2088960 K for PSAPBTABI)


  1. Directory Disk Free (in K) PSAPBTABI PSAPBTABD


0 - /oracle/BDP/sapdata1 disk001 16527920 used (08 x)

1 - /oracle/BDP/sapdata2 disk002 4806110 used (05 x)

2 - /oracle/BDP/sapdata3 disk003 18933503 used (21 x)

3 - /oracle/BDP/sapdata4 disk004 4820949 used (04 x)

4 - /oracle/BDP/sapdata5 disk005 3429420 used (24 x)

5 - /oracle/BDP/sapdata6 disk006 5414361 used (05 x)

Select a number or q(uit) ==> 0

Filesystem: '/dev/dsk/c68t3d0s0'

Filesystem block size: 8192

Filesystem fragment size: 1024

ORACLE block size: 8192

SAPDBA: For performance reasons, these three sizes should be equal.

Continue or choose another file system!

Do you want to continue? (y/n) [y] ==>

If i select y then what is the harm and if i slect n then how can increase tablespace in sapdata1.

Please its very urgent.

Thanks in advance.


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Answers (1)

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select b - New name...sapdba will ask for another sapdata path...

you know, that all your products you're using are way out of support? ora 8i support ended 4.5 years ago....

GreetZ, AH

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Hi Andreas Herzog,

I have checked both options b and f. Both the option are given same error.