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Special characters not displayed correctly in SAP BO 4.3

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Good afternoon,

in our SAP BusinessObjects 4.2 environment, we have some reports based on Oracle databases with special characters, for examples Å, which are displayed correctly.

When migrating these reports to version 4.3, the characters are no longer displayed and have been replaced by random symbols.

I applied the following configurations on the new environment, based on what was done in BO 4.2 and the SAP note

  • added <Parameter Name="Unicode">UTF8</Parameter> line in cs.cfg file
  • added <Parameter Name="Unicode">UTF8</Parameter> line in oracle.sbo file
  • modify Windows registry key NLS_LANG with value AMERICAN_AMERICA.AL32UTF8
  • change parameter UNICODE_STRINGS = Yes in Universe Parameters
  • install font "Arial Unicode MS"

I want to add that:

  • Oracle database connection was defined with Network Layer JDBC and Database Oracle 10 (specific version is 10g)
  • Oracle Client 19 is installed on server BO 4.3, while Oracle Client 11 is installed in BO 4.2

What could be the difference between the two versions in displaying special characters? What configuration might be missing? 

Thanks in advanced for replies.

Best regards,


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Should be related to Environment variables, check those , like , Set the NLS_LANG Environment Variable to UTF8 (


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Good afternoon, as you suggested, I added the NLS_LANG variable on the server, but the problem was not solved