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special characteristics are coiming when extracting the data

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I seriously struc up with one issue when extracting the data from R/3 to BW .The error message tells the "/" value .the load is failure at the DSO activation

Value "###/ " from characteristic 0DOC_HD_TXT contains an error at position 1 .

That load contains 26lacks records and 61 datapackets are there.

Unfortunately i couldn't able to search this value.

Can some body help me in this regards,

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Edited by: siva reddy on Jun 6, 2008 7:53 AM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Use RSKC for the same and also u can use the underlying table RSALLOWEDCHAR for updating the number of invalid char..

Just check whether those specific invalid Chars are available in RSKC and its maintained with ALL_CAPITAL..

Check the below URL's for more info:





Hope this helps.

Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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You include this character in RSKC and load the data again. Also maintain ALL_CAPITAL in RSKC.

Even though you are getting this error, write a routine to clean this character. In case you want the code, let me know.,



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If you are loading your data through PSA, you also have the option to check for the erroneous Records, correct them manually and re-load from PSA.

The steps for the same are

- Delete the Red Request.

- From Monitor (for the above request), click on the data set and choose context menu "PSA Maintenance". There select the Dataset and from dropdown can choose to display erroneous records.

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hope u could find the data for the object 0DOC_HD_TXT in new data table of ur DSO.

change the value / by going into the new data table in debugging mode .


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Hi siva,

The issue is clear. Now, what do you want to do with the wrong value??????

If you want to delete the invalid character, just make a routine in the transformations (or update rules) to delete the '/' value from the field.

If you want to keep it, in RSKC add ALL_CAPITAL and if it doesn't work, also add the '/' value there.

Otherwise, explain what you are trying to accomplish, otherwise it's impossible to know.