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SPAU and SPDD change requests in one single transport request?

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I have now finished both SPDD and SPAU during the upgrade of our ERP2005 system. I will now need to transport these changes as part of the upgrade in the test system. I read the SPDD and SPAU has a button called "Select for transport" in order to flag this transport as a special "upgrade" transport. Will the SPAU changes and SPDD changes have to merged into ONE transport requests, by merging the one SPDD request I have and the SPAU request?

Next, I need to know how to proceed with the following prompt which appears in the SAPup GUI at the end of the upgrade in the development system.

I am wondering if you could help me figuring out how to transport the SPAU change request from DEV to QAS and PRD? I have reached the screen in the Upgrade Assistant where it prompts:

Besides the adjustments in transaction SPAU your upgrade

is completed now and productive operation is possible.

All SPAU activities can be performed without SSCR for

a period of 14 days after you first entered this phase.

Do n o t continue with SAPup if you plan to use the

result of the adjustments for any subsequent SAP system.

Exit now and restart SAPup, after SPAU has been finished.

- adjustments completed

- continue

- exit



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