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Space between page header and table header on multiple pages

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When we have a table which spans multiple pages (with tabel header repeat), the table stucks to the page header starting from the 2nd page. There is no problem on the first page since one can define where the table starts, but on the second page and further webi makes it own decision where to put the table which seems to be right after the page header.

It tried several CSS things with e.g. margins on both header and table, but that doesn't seems to be taken into account.

I was wondering:

- why the CSS doesn't seem to work here

- how to prevent sticking the table to the page header



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Hi Eddy,

You can use 'Relative Position' option. Select the Table, Right Click on it, Choose 'Align'->'Relative Position'.

Set Relative Position for Table. You can fix the position by Relative Positions for Header and Table.

Assign the Vertical position of Table by Relating 'bottom edge' of 'Header"(blank cell). Now Your Block and Header(Blank Cell) is related. So if u move blank cell, your Block also move according to Blank cell's Position (Assigned in centimeters).

Please note: Blank cells dont have a name unlike Block as Block1. So, select the Last option("without text, white space") in the drop drown which is for blank cell.

Hope this answer helps.



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We've already set a relative postion, but that only seems to work if the table fits on one page. As said, if it's larger, the header of the table sticks to the header of the page.

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This sounds great but unfortunately the header, which has been named is not available (in my case) on the table properties as an object that can be positioned to.