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SP3 FP1 -- INDIRECT function unsupported?

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According to online help and full user guide doc, INDIRECT is on the list of Excel functions that are supported in this release. However, whether using text, R1C1 reference or concatenating pieces together by formula, I still get "Unsupported Function INDIRECT" error when generating swf file from preview. It does not show error on export to swf but does not render data either. I have tried with INDIRECT referencing same sheet and across sheets with same results.

Thanks for any tips. I need INDIRECT to create sheetname to cell reference so Index/Match/Lookups don't help.

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The biggest use for =INDIRECT() is to reference cells in different Sheets, dynamically.

Example: =INDIRECT(B10&"!A10") where B10 can be Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3, ... .

Moderatly experienced Excel users knows there is no Excel formula that can replace =INDIRECT().

Someone mentioned in a post that Xcelsius planned to support =INDIRECT() but did not make it.

Since =INDIRECT() is not in the list of known errors but in the manual, I am not sure how to interpret it.

I hope to hear some developer or community expert can shed some additional light.

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I have the same challenges trying to use INDIRECT. My goal is to be able to have a range of cells to copy that is determined dynamically. None of the lookup function (VLOOKUP, etc.) will handle a cell reference for the array location, so I need INDIRECT() to convert it. Anybody have any ways to get around this? Anybody know if it is supported or not?

I also had a challenge using ROW(). Once generating the flash file, it told me it was not supported. After that, it ran fine. Still confused.

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Same problem here.

Can somebody please clarify what's the matter here?

Thanks & br,