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SP20 search results issues

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Hi All,

We have EP 6.4 - recently we have upgraded from SP17 to SP20.

While a few bugs related to the search iview were fixed, i have seen some changes that i don't like too much, and i was wondering if those changes can be removed by configuration.

<b>Change number 1</b>

In SP17, the search results iview show exactly how many results were found, and enabled you to page between results pages. In SP20, it shows " 1-10 more", and once you click on the 'more', another results page links is shoing like this: "1-10 11-20 more" and so on. Can i configure the iview so it would show the results as before or do i have to write my own search component?

<b>Change number 2</b>

After upgradin to SP20, sometimes when i conduct a search, i get results but with the following message: "The original search has been extended due to the lack of initial results" and then it shows me results with words similar to the ones i searched for. For example, if i search for 'sales', i get results with the words 'safe', 'state' etc. This brings of course a lot of irrelevant results i want to diable this. Is this possible?

The search iview uses the default search component and search option sets.

I am not using custom components, and i rather not create ones if possible.

Since SAP no longer answers questions via OSS (only product errors) , i will be glad if SAP employees will respond to this post.



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Please ignore this post - the issues i described have nothing to do with SP20.

Simple configuration of the search option set solved it.