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I am using master database replication with ASE 15.7 SP 130

Replication Server/15.7.1/EBF 23940 SP205

DSI for master database is down.

I. 2015/07/19 07:31:38. ...... connected to server 'GACWAREUNITEDR' as user 'master_maint'.

E. 2015/07/19 07:31:38. ERROR #1028 DSI EXEC(122(1) GACWAREUNITEDR.master) - \generic\useful\cm.c(5052)

    Message from server: Message: 4002, State 1, Severity 14 -- 'Login failed.


E. 2015/07/19 07:31:38. ERROR #1027 DSI EXEC(122(1) GACWAREUNITEDR.master) - \generic\useful\cm.c(5052)

    Open Client Client-Library error: Error: 67175468, Severity 4 -- 'ct_connect(): protocol specific layer: external error: The attempt to connect to the server failed.'.

E. 2015/07/19 07:31:38. ERROR #13045 DSI EXEC(122(1) GACWAREUNITEDR.master) - \generic\useful\cm.c(5056)

    Failed to connect to server 'GACWAREUNITEDR' as user 'evenseno3397'. See CT-Lib and/or server error messages for more information.

I. 2015/07/19 07:31:38. The DSI thread for database 'GACWAREUNITEDR.master' is shutdown.

rs_helpexception is showing the below:

exec sp_password_rep @caller_password=NULL , @new_password=0xc007410aebb5792521c550387fe379df6f573a90a10adfc5eecca0a99e9f159c3c0f088fede5ee48ed6f, @loginame='evenseno3397', @immediate=0

I am changing the password on Active using Sybase Central.

Can you please help identifying why ASE/RS is using sp_password_rep instead of sp_password?



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And from the source code for sp_password, in the section that marks the sp_password invocation for replication:



   ** Before we log our system procedure execution instance,

   ** re-initialize the '@caller_password' parameter to NULL and the

   ** '@new_password' parameter to the encrypted form of the password.

   ** This prevents the passwords from being stored in clear text in

   ** the transaction log as well as in the Replication Server stable

   ** queues.


   ** When the ASE RepAgent Thread sends the system procedure

   ** execution instance to the Replication Server, the ASE RepAgent

   ** will re-name the system procedure from 'sp_password()' to

   ** 'sp_password_rep()'.  This will cause the Replication Server to

   ** execute, at the target ASE, the system procedure

   ** 'sp_password_rep()' which knows how to properly process the

   ** encrypted password.



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Thanks Mark for the info.

This was helpful.