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SP level differences between 4.7x110 SR1 and 4.7x200 SR1???

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We usally offer our clients a SAP All-in-One solution based on SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7x110 SR1.

Recently we got a new client, and somehow we got a SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7x200 SR1 instead of 4.7x110 SR1.

Just out of curiousity. Does anybody now what the SP level differences is between the two versions?

And to what SP level does a 4.7x110 SR1 has to be to match a 4.7x200 SR1??

And is a transport between them possible if both sp level are the same??



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Hi Yammie,

the difference in these two systems is not only based on SP's you have to do an Extensionset upgrade. Right now I am not sure on what this all requeires. I can only tell you that Extensionset 2.00 differes in some applications a lot from 1.10 which means when you do want to transport stuff which is ether based on SAP provided code or modified you have to be very carefull on what you are doing. But this all depends on what you want to transport. Maybe you can just transport the suff into the system. I would highly recomend doing this in a sandbox system you can recorver or throw away first before proceeding on to the customer site.

regards Ingo