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Source Tables and Fields

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Hi Experts,

Is there any documentation or any TCode or Program or FM to find from which table and from which field the data sources (2LIS_11_VAHDR, ..........) are extracting the data. I mean in DSs we have n no. of fields, from which table and from which field these fields(in DS) are getting data when i check in RSA3.

Plz can any one help me in this regard...

Thanks & Regards

Ramakrishna Kamurthy

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Ramakrishna,

Details of such kind as from which table and from which field these fields(in DS) are getting data can be found from SAP Help.

For example for 2LIS_11_VAHDR, you have:

[Extraction SD Sales: Document Header|]

Search in SAP Help & you can find for each of these...

Infact for Sales and Distribution all the data sources you can find in the above link.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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I do not think any particular T code exists for this. You can find in the following way.

1.To find the data source details means whether it is fetching data using tables/view or an function module using transaction RSA2 (DS Repository).Put your data source name then execute.In the next screen you will see the nature of data source and if its View/table you can see what table/structure of view it is using.

If Extraction Method is 'V' - you see table name where data is taken from.

2. If it is F* - function module is used, and you have to go thru its code to see all the tables it uses and logic how data is processed.>Check the extract structure in the RSA2 t code. there u will find function module name just try to go through the source code of function module.>there u will find the table name.

Ext. Meth Short text

V Transparent Table or DB View

D Fixed Domain Value

F1 Function Module (Complete Interface)

F2 Function Module (Simple Interface)

Q Extraction Using ABAP Query

A DataSource Append


Since you have the extract structure and the extractor, you can try Extractor Checker RSA3.Execute ST05 (activating SQL Trace), switch on the trace and execute the extractor checker. Once the extractor checker presents the results

switch off trace. The clcik on Display trace and you will see all the tables that were hit by the extractor checker to retrieve data and present it to you.

Note: Set the break point in the Extractor Function module.

View the ST05 Extended Trace list. The Object name shows the Tables accessed.

Hope this helps,


CSM Reddy

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There may not be any Tcode or tables which directly gives this.

The below blog by Roberto Negro specifically talks about your question

SAP BW and Business Content Datasources: in pursuit of the origins