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Source CDS metadata incorrect with Replication Flow


I am trying to replicate a CDS object call I_BPCONTACT. It supports Data Extraction and Deltas

@EndUserText.label: 'Business Partner Contact'

//@Analytics.dataCategory: #DIMENSION //or #CUBE or #FACT
@Analytics: {
dataCategory: #DIMENSION,
dataExtraction: {
enabled: true,
delta.changeDataCapture: {
automatic: true

I can see that the metadata of the view has two fields of type DATS (ValidityEndDate/StartDate)

When I create the Replication flow - the ValidityEndDate/StartDate fields are brought across as strings - in fact all fields are brought across as strings

I can't change the source field data type within the Replication Flow and I can't map it into a Date field on the Target table as it complains the fields are incompatible.

When I try and run the Replication flow it errors saying that it cannot convert the values of the ValidityEndDate/StartDate columns

The data looks fine in the CDS from SE11 and I have tested the replication process using program RODPS_REPL_TEST from transaction SE38 successfully.

It looks to me that the metadata of the I_BPCONTACT CDS is not being transferred/read correctly leading to the date fields being identified as Strings but I'm not sure what I can then do about it?

Any suggestions gratefully received.

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Did you solve this issue? We are facing same issue.