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SOST - Cannot process message in SAP System Message no. XS817

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Hello Experts ,

We are having a GRC box where auto e-mails are being processed via INT adresses. Have followed SMTP config guide and configured everything . but still the messages are being resulted into error : Message XS817 is as follows :

Cannot process message in SAP System

Message no. XS817


Processing could not be continued due to a technical or configuration error in the SAP system.

System Response

Processing was terminated.


Processing was terminated in the SAP system. The reason is given in the details below:

Error during generation of MIME document


TRACE : messages in error :

0067 SX_GET_SMTP_SENDER_ADDRESS G Sender address for communication method INT not found

0380 MIME_MESSAGE_GENERATE G Error when generating MIME flow

0382 MIME_MESSAGE_GENERATE G Required 'From' header is initial

0167 SO_OBJECT_MIME_GET G Error during MIME Generation

0777 UPDATE_SOSC G Cannot process message in SAP System

Sender is a batch user WF-BATCH with SAP_ALL and new

Could anyone tell what have I missed ,

I could not find any SNOTE as well .



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just adding this: make sure you have smtp protocol configured in SMICM / services

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Hi Anthony,

1.Check the job : SAPCONNECT INT SEND was scheduled and it runs every 10 minutes

2.Txn: SCOT ->SMTP settings ->General information->tick the check box Node in use

3.Txn: SCOT ->SMTP settings ->SMTP connection <mail host name > example: it should be the exchange (mail) server name

4.Txn:SCOT->SMTP settings -> SMTP connection<mail port> example it should be the SMTP port number

5.Check the supported address areas and maintain them ->double click SMTP in txn SCOT then check the supported addres areas.

6.If you are using LDAP connectors then maintain those details in transaction LDAP