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sorting KM news / xml forms

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I've created xml forms / news.

The publication is working fine but,

- the news are sorted by News name

and I would like to change the sorting

- or by creating date

- or by a specific field of the news' data model

Does someone have experience with this ?

Kind regards


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Answers (4)

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Vincent asked also for sorting the news

> - by a specific field of the news' data model

I would like to sort some of my XML documents also by a specific field of the data model. I this possible and has someone used this before?

Best regards,


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I solved the problem by my own.

The solution is : that by default SAP propose the "modified" properties for sorting, but this should be "cm_modified", and now it is working )

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Hi Vincent,

It appears the default setting for the "NewsBrowser" are as follows:

Property for Sorting: modified

Sorting Mode: descending

This means the default NewsBrowser will renders all news articles

on the last modified date in descending order where the property

id modified maps to the property cm_modified.

There is no property existing called "date", if you wish to sort

the news articles on the creation date the property id you would

use is created which maps to the property cm_created, so you

parameters would look like this:

Property for Sorting: created

Sorting Mode: descending

Did you tried above configrations?

Best Regards


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Hi Anjali,

I did already tried all of the combinaison of :

Property for Sorting: created / modified

Sorting Mode: descending / ascending

without success.

Did you succeed to implement this ?

Thank you and kind regards


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Hello Vincent,

You can make use of the flexible UI for sorting on different properties

from your xml forms. You will need to create a layout for your iview

and define a collection renderer in which you can specify the property

id on which you wish to sort items.

For more info please see the section in the KM Admin Guide > System

Admin > System Config > Content Management Config > User Interface

> Explorer Interface -> Configuration -> Collection Renderer Settings

I hope this will help you resolving your issue.

( If this helps you, don't forget to grant points ;o)....)

Best Regards,


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Thank you Anjali,

Unfortunately I did already created a specific layout set calling a specific Collection renderer where I specified the "Property for Sorting" field.

Note that the standard "NewsDisplayCollectionRenderer" collection Grid renderer do already have by default "Property for Sorting = Modified" and "Sorting Mode = descending". This is why I did not expect my news to be sorted by name...

Other tips ? Does the repository need a specific service to be activated ?

Thank you and kind regards