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Sort Headers in Cross table

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Hi experts,

How can I sort the headers columns in Cross tab???

I have columns: a , b ,c.

And I want that in the previous view: C, A, B.

Thank you very much

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Set the field group to sort "decending"

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I don't believe sorting 'descending', as suggested above, will give the correct order.

I've managed to control the ordering of cross-tab headers by introducing a formula and using that as the heading. In the formula I would then carefully select the text to give the desired order. Notice that in the code example below I have had to add a space to 0-5 and 6-10, otherwise '6-10' would not have been in the desired sequence.

if tonumber({Nominations_.DaysToAllocate}) = 0
then 'Unallocated'
else if tonumber({Nominations_.DaysToAllocate}) < 6
then ' 0-5'
else if tonumber({Nominations_.DaysToAllocate}) < 11
then ' 6-10'
else if tonumber({Nominations_.DaysToAllocate}) < 16
then '11-15'
else '16+'

It's not particularly pretty but it did the job for me.

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In your cross tab expert, click on the Column field, then click on Group Options below it. There you can determine the sort order of the field. Ditto for Row fields. You can even use a formula to sort.

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