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some Work items not opening on UWL

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Some of the workflow tasks in my UWL do not open up in a new window when i click on them. I notice that these tasks are not even hyperlinked (underlined). Instead, when i click on the line, a small pop up shows to options: Forward and Resubmit. Therefore i am not able to approve / reject these workitems.

Whereas there are some other work items which open up in a new window on click.

Is this problem related to workflow configuarion (perhaps enabling the WF for portal) or is it something to do with UWL configuration?

Appreciate your help.



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This has definately something to do with the UWL configuration. You need to configure each task for the UWL (for example you need to define that which application whould be started when you click the item, and which parameters it should get, etc.).

In portal go to System admin -> System Config -> UWL & WF -> Click to manage item types and and view definitions. And then make yourself familiar with the concepts of UWL configuration in SAP help.



Edit: If you are "lucky", just be pressing the Register (or re-Register) button in the UWL configuration page (and then refreshing the cache), your tasks might start working in the UWL.

Edited by: Karri Kemppi on Sep 23, 2008 3:55 PM

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Was lucky with the refresh and re-register