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Some users dont see the charts in VC. Authorization??

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Dear all,

The weardest think just happend.

We have a VC dashboard. In the portal we created various roles and groups and authorized them.

A particular group of users have the same roles and groups assigned to them.

They all can access the dashboard. But some DO see the charts, and others DO NOT.

They all can see the tables and the dropdown boxes its merely the charts that are missing.

The chats do have a visibiltiy condition, but as it works fine for a particular group of users i dont think this is the issue.

I checked all groups, roles, per users (both in portal and in BW). I created a test user (copy from my userid) and that testuser DID see the charts. While when i create another test user (from somebodys who doesnt see the charts) he CANNOT see the charts.

Anybody a suggestion where to begin to tackle this issue?

Is it an authorization issue?



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Hi all,

i found the solution myself

it wasn't authorization

it wasn't role allocation

it wasn't a change of settings in BW

and it wasn't a corrupt VC model.

It was the language setting in the portal per user.

If language is english values are shown 1.00

if language is left empty values are shown 1,00

in model the visibilty contidion contains a .

so the users without langues setting didnt pass the visibilty condition.

Oh well, its just 1 of those days.