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Some general portal caching questions

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Hi experts,

I have some general questions regarding caching functions in portal.

1. In System administration->Navigation I can activate navigation cache. By default there are 3 connectors: Collaboration Connector, ROLES and gpn.

I guess Collaboration Connector caches Collaboration Content and Roles caches the content of the Role-based navigation? Is that correct? What is gpn-connector?

2. This cache does only cache the navigation structures? Not the iviews and the content?

3. For some iViews and pages I can activate caching in PCD with certain cache levels. That caching is not related to navigation caching?

4. I can't activate caching for web dynpro Java iviews and web dynpro java proxy pages. Is that corect? If not how can I achieve that. Those settings are deactivated for me, so I can't activate them.

5. In Visual Admin I can activate navigation cache under Is this option related to the setting I can set under system administration->navigation in portal? Because I avtivated the option in portal but in VA it still showed it as not activated.

I crawled some documentation but couldn't find exact information.

Thanks and regards


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1. GPN is Guided Procedures Navigation connector

2. Yes only Navigation nodes are cached (TopLevel and Detailed Navigation nodes)

3. Here it is PCD Caching, which has nothing to do with Navigation caching

4. I never tried this, but It looks like what you say is true.

5. What you see in VA is old caching mechanism. So this is obsolete and can be ignored.

So you should only use the options from system administration->navigation


Praveen Gudapati