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Some basic questions

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Hi Friends,

I am new to Adobe forms and i have the following doubts. Please clarify.

1. What is the difference b/w Master pages and Body pages.

2. What is a sub form and in which case it is used.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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A form's master page contain the layouts for the body pages that contain the form's contents. The master pages may also contain the header and footer information that appears on each body page, and they may contain text or graphics that repeat from page to page.

To be precise repetitive data should be in Master page.

Regarding subforms, quoting from ALD help:-

About subforms

A subform provides anchoring, layout, and geometry management for objects. The objects in a subform can be arranged in rows, columns, or some other kind of balanced arrangement. A subform typically contains non-interactive boilerplate objects (for example, lines, circles, rectangles, static text, and static images) and if you have Adobe document services, you can include objects that merge data.

Subforms are used most often to create dynamic forms, because they can change the layout of a form in response to the amount of data that has to be merged when the form is rendered. When the data is merged, subforms ensure that objects and their data are laid down consistently relative to each other. If you are designing a static form, it is unlikely that you will need to work with subforms because the default subform positions the objects automatically.

Also install LiveCycle Designer at your end, and access the Help section. It should answer most questions you may have and for other you obviously have SDN


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