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Solution Manager Upgrade Path

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Hi All, Currently I am on Solution Manager EHP 1 for SAPNETWEAVER 7.0 SP 26. I am upgrading our SAP ECC system from SAP ECC 6 EHP 4 stack 9 to ECC EHP 5 stack 8. ( this includes BW and PI Systems ).

My question is - What level do I have to go to in Solution Manager ? I assume that I have to be at that level in Sol Man but I don't know how that relates to ECC EHP 5 Stack Level 9. I know that because of BW content component they have to be in synch across the landscape. When I go into MOPZ and select upgrade it basically comes back with Sol Man 7.1 stack 4.

Or can Sol Man be upgraded on it's own without impact to the rest of the landscape stack... ( i assume not ! )

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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If you read the upgrade guide of ECC EHP5, you can clearly understand that how solution manger version related to your ecc stack. (Page no 24)

If you want to upgrade your ECC6 EHP4 to EHP5, your solman system should be at the level higer than SP23, then only it creates .xml file and allows you to use Landscape verification tool, BPCA other fucntionalities. Here if your solman system is SP26, you can use your current existing system for ERP upgrade, Please read the PI,BW upgrade gudie for required solman version. if this also compatable you can proceed withthe existing.

Normally we upgrade our solman system separately without get any technical impact of the rest of the landscape.

Please follow the upgrade guide for solution manager 7.1 under -> sap component-> sap solution manager 7.1



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