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Solution manager ITSM doubts

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Dear Experts ,

I have couple of questions to be answered,

1. How to edit the confirmed tickets ?

For example i want to change the message processes which is assigned wrong .

2 . How to delimit the user along with his BP ?

I observed when user is deleted from the System his BP still remains , how to delete them both ?

Thank you.



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Answers (3)

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you cant edit the confirmed ticket,

regarding BP,check

this delete the BP whichh are not used anywhere, if need try to schedule with Batch job for automatic deletion, nt tried before.

But you can check



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Hi Sai

1. How to edit the confirmed tickets ?

This is not possible as once closed or confirmed we can't change anything it is locked for audit or traceability reasons

2 . How to delimit the user along with his BP ?

BP is master data and therefore should not be changed in production system. It is better if you can archive them instead of deleting anything from production system



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Hi Sai,

In general, confirmed tickets should not be edited.

Otherwise you could change too many things, and a good change tracking would not be possible anymore. Therefore, once a ticket is confirmed it's not changeable anymore.

However, you may try report CRM_SOCM_SERVICE_REPORT, which offers a possibility to change a ticket status to In Progress. But nor sure if this works for confirmed tickets as well.

Similar idea regarding the BPs.

The ticket provides informations about changes to the system. Thus it may be of interest from a historical point of view (e.g. Audits). Therefore, once a BP is listed in a (confirmed/closed) ticket, the BP cannot be deleted anymore, bc. of its references in tickets.

You would need to change the ticket and remove the BP from there - but that would have effects on the above mentioned historical view.

Overall, it's reasonable that those things are unchangeable/undeleteable.

Technically you may find or create reports to enable you to do the things you want - but you must be sure that you do not put other topics like audits or traceability at risk.

Best Regards,