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Solution Manager 7.2 Installation

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We are going to install Solution Manager version 7.2. We have downloaded the following software:

- 50132986_1

- 50132986_2

- 50132986_6

- 50132986_7

- 50132986_8

- 51047705 (Oracle Database Software)

- 51050554_1 (Kernel)

- 51050832 (Oracle_Client)

- 51050949_9

- 51050949 (SR1_1 to 😎

We are not able to find sapinst or SAP installation tool to install Solution Manager.

Any idea where to get it? are we missing any other software?

Pls suggest.



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Hi ,

You know that now-a-days for stating any of the installation in SAP you will have a SWPM or 70SWPM which comes in zip file. Or else you can separately download the sapinst for SOLMAN installation, for that you have t search under Download category S(Solution Manager). Also the Latest SWPM you will be able to get by putting search SWPM10SP17 or under download category also by going & selecting category under K(SAP Kernel) also you will get the SWPM, the SWPM also you can get in any SAP installation whether its ECC or Netweaver, its the same common SWPM everywhere available as linked.