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Solution manager 7.2 combined OS and DB migration

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we're going to migrate the currently running production Solution manager 7.2 instances **4 (ABAP) and **J (JAVA) from Oracle 19c database running on Windows DIGITS R2 to new PERSON_NAME 2.0 Rev 76 database running on Linux SLES 15.5 x86_64. 

As far as there will be change of the OS, the hostname and IP address of the Solman system will be changed also from *****600.**.*****.com (IP_ADDRESS) to new hostname *****685.**.*****.com (IP_ADDRESS).

Plenty of the systems are connected to the Solman system using Diagnostic agents and Host agents.
Also all customer's systems are connected to Solman using RFC destinations configured in Managed system configuration. 

We're aware that all the connections need to be reconfigured to have properly working Solution manager system after the migration. We're searching for the best approach to achieve it and to minimalize the efforts after the migration. 


At the moment there is no virtual hostname, but there are 2 aliases configured, which are in use for some of the connections to Solution manager. 
**4.**.*****.com is pointing to *****600.**.*****.com (IP_ADDRESS)
**j.**.*****.com is pointing to *****600.**.*****.com (IP_ADDRESS)

**4 and **J represent the SID's of the ABAP and JAVA instance of solution manager.


Would it be beneficial to reconfigure all the connections to use the above mentioned aliases instead of physical hostnames?
Immediately after the migration the aliases will be adjusted and will be pointing to the new hostname, so the connection should stay working without additional efforts..

Such reconfigurations could take place in the preparation phase before the migration itself, and we expect less efforts to reconfigure all the existing connections after the migration, but still during the downtime phase. 


Do we need to redo all the SOLMAN_SETUP configuration and Managed System configuration after the above mentioned procedure? 

Is there any other option to avoid the reconfiguration of all existing connections after the Solution Manager migration? 

Please provide us your recommendation to minimalize the postprocessing activities after the migration. 

Also let us know in case of any questions. 

Please understand that the project is very important for us and we're waiting for your feedback. 

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Please refer to details in solution manager system copy guide:

In above guide page 5, a general recommendation is NOT to change SID and host name:
"SAP recommends that you keep the SAP Solution Manager system ID (SID) and the host name.
If the SID and host name change, SAP Solution Manager will treat itself as a fresh new registered
system in LMDB. This will lead to inconsistencies in SAP Solution Manager basic configuration
and impact many functions, like monitoring in Application Operations"

Regarding aliases, it is not supported in SAP environment. Please refer to following KBA extractions:
1851156 - Diagnostics Agent installation: Unique IP address for every single virtual/logical hostname required? - Solution Manager 7.1 & 7.2
"SAP does not support DNS alias for the Diagnostics Agent Setup"
"Please also check SAP Note 962955, section We recommend that you avoid using TCP alias names within a server infrastructure"