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Solution Manager 7.1 - Activating Incident Management functionality

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Hi SolMan 7.1 Experts,

I had raised these questions as a follow-up to Dolores Correa's excellent article but am now expanding the thread to the larger group in the hope some of you may be able to respond directly:

In SolMan 7.1 [SP03 and above] functionality not specifically covered in the configuration guide includes:

1. What steps are needed to enable Incidents linked to a Problem to be set to status 'Confirmed'  when the Problem status is  'Confirmed' ?

2. Troubleshooting relating to Multilevel Categorization: 'have successfully activated the out-of-the-box categorization schema, and created an additional three-level schema for use in a second category block. However, though the custom schema has been activated and the second block shows on the Incident Details assignment block, we can't get the custom schema to appear in the second category block. Have you encountered and resolved a similar issue?

3. Steps for creating and activating system-wide templates via Service Operations in CRM_UI? 'Had tired to use the SAP document ' Create Messages Efficiently, with Personal and System Text Templates' where reference is made to 'The system administrator can also create system templates with standard texts, which are available to all staff '...what exactly is meant by the 'system administrator' and are the steps to create these templates?

Your feedback is much appreciated!

Darryl Michael

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ans qus 1) In 7,1 you can link the incident and problem ticket ,but no check of automatic dependcies.

refer the caution stated here,

But in Charm We set the status of change request based on the change document using the method SET_PREDOC, not sure this can be applicable for incident, you can check it on spro -> serach with the term "make setting for change transaction types"

Ans Qus 2) check this guide

if this not able to fix, give more details on what actually you done to activate this feature?

ans qus 3) chck the latest discussion on templates here



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Hi Jansi,

Thanks for the details, but by right, Problem Management should work not only linking and locking the incident under it, but also able to update and manage multiple incidents locked under it.. this should be a standard feature of Problem Management.

I am actually looking for this solution, but its not available, and hope someone can share how this can be done. I have also checked the Actions under ZMPR (copy from SMPR),


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Hi Shahul,

Did your incident close when you close your problems reference?

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Hi Denia,

We had to develop our own coding for this functionality.

Still in development...