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Solution documentation default filter can be modified...?

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In SolDoc the TC filter for documentation is not made as default, and we have to select each time when the transaction is started. We would like it be made as the default or the user has to select only once and it stays until the next user action. we got reply from SAP that default layout is not configurable.

so could you let us know whether the “reload” mechanism can be stopped, so that users only have to select the custom layout once and it stays until the next user action to manually change it again.If this is not possible Please let us know what is the workaround.

Thanks in advance

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Hello Sampath,

The default layout is what is used unless a customer layout is specified.

At this time the ability to customer layout by default is not possible.

If you want to see this feature, I would suggest you check Idea place and if the idea is not already there, you can create it., If it is there you can vote on it.

This is how you can influence product changes.

1554620 - How to get support for Idea Place? - click on the link and it will take you to the Idea Place.