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SOLMANUSER needs to be dialog user

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Hi Team,

We use 'SOLMANUSER' in logon data for trusted RFCs between Solution manager system and Satellite systems like SM_SIDCLNTclient_READ, SM_SIDCLNTclient_TMW,SM_SIDCLNTclient_TRUSTED.

This SOLMANUSER is dialog user with rfc authorization. But auditors have problem with this user.

Is there any workaround to mak this rfcs to work without hampering solution manager conf.

Best Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Tushar,

In the very first place you should not use any userid / password assignment in TRUSTED RFC.

Instead make the trusted RFC work as per design. This means all the users in Solution Manager who are supposed to connect to Satellite system via TRUSTED RFC should have the authorization object S_RFC and S_RFCACL. Also the userid's should be identical in both ( the Solution Manager and the satellite System ).

Now if you donot want to change this setup and still want to please your auditors ( which I doubt you can with the existing setup ), try making the userid a Service userid. This way it can still function the same as a dialog user.



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