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SOLMAN Test Management : Email Notification

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Hi Experts,

I am creating a test management system in Solution Manager.

Most part of the configuration ie Business Blueprint, Business Scenario, Test Packages & Tracking is configured.

I am at present stuck with Email Notification.

Requirement :-

1. Email notification when a test owner assign the test to a tester.

2. Email notification to test owner when test has completed successfully by the tester.

Both above has to be workflow driven.

I have already reviewed the Test Automation guide & have made necessary parameter in the user id.

I am using action profile ZMDT_STD (copied from SMDT_STD).

But it has only 2 action profiles available.

I am considering customizing these action profile, but looking for others opinion.



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I resolved it now.

Prerequisite :-

In test management, . (Transaction :- STWB_2 -> Attributes) then activate workflow.

Its a must prerequisite.

Procedure :-

Once you have done above, then go to transaction STWB_SET.

check the workflow names assigned. Usually TWSQ & TWTP.

Go to its action profile (SPPFCADM -> TWSQ0001 & TWTP001 ) and modify it as per your need.

I just added my own action procedure & action condition.