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Solman Process mamagement change history and change mamagement

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Dear experts,

After we configrate the process menegement in our solution management system. when our consultant maintain our business process management in SOLDOC, after we release changes, we can find the release content in the Production blanch. We have some question about this.

1.How do we control user can only see the production blanch, and some user can see the IMPORT blanch and change the process?

2.when we change our process, can we create some document like change document to follow the change?

3.Is there any detailed change history to show what do we change in our process each time?

4.When we create a change document to change the program A, we can add the specific element of our process, but how do we know we assign the right element that include program A.

Please hlep us with these question, and if there are any other example about how to manage our process, please let us know.

Best Regards


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Hi David,

1. with authorization object SM_SDOC you can control the visibility and changability of a branch for a user.

2.-3. This is all covered by CHarM see:



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Dear Andreas,

Thanks for your help.