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Solman Installtion Problem

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Iam installing Solman 4.0 SR4 on my test server At the phase 28 check DDIC password i get this prompt at got stuck

"Test logon to SAP System N6P failed.SOLUTION: Make sure that the system is started, that the user DDIC exists and that the password of user DDIC is correct."

I have crossed checked system is up with MMC green,I tried to login with DDIC/SAP* to 001 client

and provided the password i have given during the installation but i get error "DBerror...."

I tried reset the password of sap* and was able to login to 001/000 client with pass,when i

checked sap* or DDIC users were not created so i have created them manually with full authorization

profiles and provide initiall password but when i try to login with ddic and the initial password

still i get the same prompt "DBerror...."

Did any one experienced such error before? your valuable suggestion are always welcome



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did you skip any steps during the installation ?

Check the Error in trace files like dev_disp, dev_w0, w1... and paste the Error info if you find for further analysis...