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SolMan. E-mail notification sent to org unit


I work with SAP Solution Manager 7.2 SP level 9.

I have customized an e-mail notification that is sent by an action.

E-mail is sent by mail form. The attribute context in mail form is "Service Request Attributes". It is made for IT-requirement – BUS2000116.

The action profile has the following customizings:

Generally, it works fine. Despite the fact that attribute context for mail form is 'service request attributes'. All attributes I use determine fine in e-mail: description, status, employee responsible, deep link etc. But the email is sent to all members that are assigned to org unit (partner function in the second screen). If there are 5 employess the email will be sent 5 times to each of them. I have expected that it will be sent only once to the email address of org unit.

The most interesting is that I'm using the same customizings, except transaction category for service request - BUS2000223. Even partner function and partner determination procedure in partner schema are the same. And in case of service request the email is sent to email address of org unit. Exactly as I need. It isn't sent to the employees that are assigned to this org unit.

And one more thing I have found. If I make the action based on smartform, not mail form, for IT-requirement, the email is sent only to e-mail address of the org unit. As I need.

So, if anybody knows, is there any customizing or something I do not know to send mail form in IT-requirement only to email address of org unit? As it works for service request.

Otherwise I will have to make smartforms for email notification.

Thanks in advance and best regards, Andrey.

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Hi, Shalin.

I' ve changed the standard partner schema to simplify it. It looks like the same in Incident. The screens are below:

The support team is determined by the source CRM_PARTNER_B - Organizational data. And by the rule. It is determined as business partner.

As I wrote in my first message, the same partner schema is used in incidents and there the email notification goes into the org unit email address.

Thanks and regards, Andrey.

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Hi aromanovsky ,

Thanks for the details. Just one more screenshot of the partners assigned to this document please and we will be able to sort this out.

Standard Partner functions for IT Requirement are:

1. Sold to Party

2. Current Processor

3. Business Process Expert

4. PPM Resource

5. Development Team

6. Requirements Manager

7. Solution Architect

8. IT Requirement

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Hi, Shalin!

I've made the screens below some time ago. Have you got new any ideas?

Thanks in advance, Andey.

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Hi, Shalin!

Thanks for help!

1. There are two screens below. First - the log of the action. The second - transaction sost, where two mails can be seen.

2. The BP support team. I've made an assignment in ppoma_crm. The users were already assigned to business partners when I've made an assignment in org model.

The screen below shows an org unit with assigned partners.

There are following email addresses of each partner. Each bp has only one email address. Email addresses were checked in tcode 'bp'.

Support (that is org unit) - andrey.romanovsky@alp...

Andrey Romanovsky (bp assigned) - andrey.romanovsky@alp...

ЗикТопанга (Zik Topanga, bp assigned) - andruharockmusic@ma...

And one more thing I have found earlier. Don;t think it is important but may be it gives some way to think or new idea. If I check the bp 'support' (org unit) in web ui, there will be a button 'where used' where both assigned bps will be visible.

I think the best will be if someone makes the same customozongs and checks the same scenario in his system. We will have results in two different systems. I have no the second system to check.

Thanks and best regards, Andrey.

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Hi aromanovsky,

Generally HTML Mail forms don't support multiple recipients yet, so this seems weird.

1. First, we must make sure the emails are triggered by the action definition pasted here (ZRIR_NOTIF_01) --> Can you paste the screenshot of entire Actions log from the IT Requirement document? Just to make sure there are no other action definition that's triggering emails.

2. If the Action definition is okay, we must check the business partner of the support team and employee assignment. Does the BP of the support team has email address of employees to? Employee assignment is done in PPOMA_CRM right?

You can also go through S-Note 2613737.



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did you try one of the following options?

  1. change partner determination so it's addressed to specific persons that fit a role
  2. change the action merge? Might be that the action is triggered multiple times instead of once.

Kind regards,

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1. What's the point? I need to determine the org unit. Not only for notifications.

I thought about determiation one more partner for notifications only. But this is alternate, additional way. That is not nice but will work.

2. Action merging doesn't matter for this. But I've tried all variants to check.