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SOLMAN_ADMIN user during solman_setup

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When during SOLMAN_SETUP configuration, default user SOLMAN_ADMIN user is created with required authorization.

I don't have authorization to create this user so I want to which kind of user is this ( dialog,system etc ) and what roles are assigned to it .So that I get it done from security team .

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Hi Tushar,

Its a Dialog user and its the admin user for all the configuration processes.

But the user Authorizations can be restricted based on the usage of the Specific Functionality.

Please Refer to the SAP Security Guide for solution manager for more Details-

If you are looking for Diagnostics:(SMD)

for roles and uses of this user for diagnostics usage: please refer to the Root cause Analysis- User Administration guide available at

Also Refer to the Notes:

Note 834534 - SAP Solution Manager roles in Release 7.0 (General overview of all roles in Solman-no reference to solman_admin in specific)

Note 1355945 - Solution Manager BI content activation fails - (This note suggests to give Admin Privileges)

Note 1305622 - E2E RCA - How to create RCA roles

you can ask the security team to generate the user using the setup and send the details right?.



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