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SOLMAN 7.2 & Hybris 6.6

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we are trying to connect our SOLMAN to our Hybris 6.6. We have installed the DA (diagnostics tool), extensions, data supplier and everything else which was in the manual.

Our question is:

Through which ports does the SAP router access TS Hybris servers to enable RC - Remote conneciton to these Hybris systems?

Any help will be appreciated. 🙂


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Hi pavel.vasiliev

did you follow the manual from the note 2179990? I suppose you are trying to set up tech mon scenario?

But mostly... why are you asking something about SAP router access when you are configuring Sol Man?

And just to make another good question, whats your Sol Man rel and sps?

i will be happy to help you


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Did you checked the Blog - SAP MacGyver – Installing SAP SolMan 7.2 for the correct setup of the Diagnostic Agent?

best Regards Roland