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solman 7.2 charm - urgent change TR creation popup

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Hello experts,

I am configuring ChaRM solution on solman 7.2 SP5.

I have an issue with the urgent change configuration: when the urgent CD is approved by the change manager, its status is automatically set to “in development” .

This is not the standard behavior since the developer is supposed to set the “in development” status by itself and this action should trigger the displaying of the popup for TR creation.

**THE PROBLEM IS... **In my case the status is set automatically at the approval moment, and the popup would never appear to the developer who needs to create the TR manually from the TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT tab.

I’ve already performed the following configurations:

  • First of all, the table AIC_UI_POPUP contains the right entry with the “active” flag.

    The “CREATE_TRANSPORT” method is configured correctly and also the badi AIC_POPUP_ON_CLOSE_EVENT has got the right parameters.

    Please see the attached screens.

    Can you please help me understanding how I can trigger the popup displaying?

Thank you !!!


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