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Software component missing in SPROXY

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Created a new software component version, imported it, created namespace etc. All went fine. When I tried to generate proxies though using /nSPROXY, my namespace does not show up in the listing even. What's wrong?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Lothar,

I am a XI beginner. I went through the SAP site to find an exact definition for Software Component Version and how to create it, but failed to find one. I know how to import the created Component & to create Namespace. Can u guide me on that ?



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Hello Mat,

Here are the definitions:

- Software Component: Represents a collection of all versions of a software component. Software components represent the reusable modules of a product. They can be upgraded or have patches installed.

- Software Component Version: Represents a particular version of a software component.

To create a software component for importing into the Repository:

- In XI 2.0, start the System Landscape Directory -> Third-Party Software and add a new one.

- In XI 3.0, start the System Landscape Directory -> Software Catalog and add a new one.

You can find all of this at -> SAP NetWeaver -> SAP Exchange Infrastructure.


John Ta

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Hi John,

Thank You very much ...



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Hi Lothar ,

This could be one of 2 things:

1) either the objects in IR were not activated

2) either somehow the connection netween the IR and the application system is not properly configured. In the menu bar of transaction SPROXY there is an option to check this connectivity.

Hope this helps,