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SOAP sender message credentials using sapsysid with value

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probably someone can provide an idea.

We are migrating from 7.1 to 7.31.

One of our interfaces SOAP sender shows these log in credentials in 7.1 :

SAP PasswordCredential(PIAFUSER):password=******:sapclient=100:saplang=EN:sapsysid=ABC

Interface works fine. But, ... it is the only SOAP sender interface with this sapsysid added.

Now moving this interface to 7.31 results in an auth. error.

We are wondering where this sapsysid comes from! (question1)

(And when checking the message data in the 7,31 ..... it is converted to the correct sysid for the new PI system!)

Partner says, he doesn´t provide.... (a little doubt still remains).

How can we get the PI 7.31 to accept this else? (question2)

Your help is really welcome!

Best regards


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Answers (2)

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found the issue!

For any reason someone added principal propagation to this single SOAP channel for the partner (all others are w/o) and the requied settings in NWA are not done on the new PI system !

So the credentials with sapsysid are added from the principal propagation!



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Sender system people has to authenticate your websirvice with PI credetials, some scenarios they hard code in their envieonment or as part of service URL we can pass.

Check with them what service URL(PI SERVER HOST+bussines compoenent+communication channel name) they are using .

May be as part of service url they are sending sysID.

Thank you