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SOAP error

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One of my senarion is , i am sending the data from SAP R/3 to SAP XI server (name is AAA) to webserver in this case the senario is working fine. Now i remove the connections between R/3 to SAP XI (AAA) and SAP XI(AAA) to webserver and i introduced new SAP XI server (name is BBB) in place of AAA server, i mean, i am sending the data from same SAP R/3 to new SAP XI server (BBB) to same webserver but in this case i am getting a failing error like

" invalid content type for SOAP: TEXT/HTML". Even i checked the settings in XOP and X1P both are looks the same.

Any one please let me know why i am getting this error and how i wll rectify this error.


Koteswara Rao

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Hi Koteshwar,

In Configuration receiver communication channel, in the module tab, add this module before standard module "AF_Modules/MessageTransformBean".

Then add a parameter "Transform.contentType" with value "text/xml".

This is referred here

If nothing works out, u may also check this



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Generally this happens when you have differences in the target system in this case your web service. Now if the web service you are using remains the same and you still facing the error, try generating the WSDL again from the new system and re-importing it into your webservice.

Also make sure that all the settings remain same in the XI adapter.

You can also try re-creating the channel (Just In Case).

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Sarath Kandadai

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Have you created a new WSDL for the new XI box or you have to change the existing one?


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Hi Rao

This type of error comes due to several reasons like like 401 (unauthorized), 403 (forbidden), 404 (not found) and so on.

I got this error 2 times, first time it was due to the Wrong SOAP Action value in SOAP adapter & in second time I had to provide the PROXY Server IP & Authentication data in SOAP adapter.

- Lalit -

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what all changes did u make in ur scenario?

did u make any changes in SLD or not?