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SOAP CommunicationFault:Log C4C

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Hi there,

I would like to know the SOAP External Web Services of C4C generate by default a structure of SOAP fault called CommunicationFault:Log. Like in this image:

If that is present in all external SOAP integrations and if it is standard, there is a way to pass a custom message on the field Note?

Moreover, it is possible to build or own SOAP fault?

We do have tried it but we are always getting the same message "Application Error".

Does someone know how to handle that issue?

Thanks and best regards,

Marlos Damasceno

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Hi kushal.gupta2 ,

I have been facing what marlosdamasceno is pointing out here. The integration team provided us a pretty nice WS but, whenever getting any technical issue, I was just getting an Application Error as an answer although the WS was sending a more detailed reason of the issue.

Any idea on this?



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Hello Alejandro,

I do not have any knowledge in WS or integration area. But there is a team which can help. May be you should contact SAP support team.