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SOAP Authentication with Bearer Token

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Dear Expert,

Our existing third-party system had been upgraded and only accepted SOAP with bearer token authentication, therefore the existing integrations have to follow the new requirement. I would like to ask how can we set the bearer token in SOAP receiver adapter in SAP PO 7.5.

The bearer token in HTTP header is shown as below.

<code>Authorization: Bearer rRR0GnTudjuUUGaSt0n
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Hi Jw,

The definition of bearer token must exist in WSDL provided by Third party.

Please ask for updated WSDL from third party provider. SOAP message will have header and a body. This token should be part of header. Generally this token is provided by webservice before actual request is made. Therefore now onwards I assume ( i might be incorrect ) you need to make SOAP call for obtaining the token first. Then with the obtained token, you need to make second request to webservice. Definition of all such calls must be part of WSDL.



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Hi Anupam,

Thanks for your suggestion. The expected token is located at HTTP header instead of SOAP header, there are several methods to achieve if the token is located in the SOAP header. As for the HTTP header, the problem is standard SOAP receiver adapter unable to access and modify HTTP header.