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Soap adapter?

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Why SOAP Adapter is used?


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Hi Aravind,

-> Some remote clients or Web services providers are only able to communicate by means of SOAP messages

->SOAP adapter enables you to exchange SOAP message between remote clients and Web Service Servers and the Integration Server.

-> The SOAP Adapter provides a runtime environment that includes various SOAP components for the processing of SOAP message.

-> You use the SOAP adapter to connect such systems to the Integration Server directly

-> The SOAP adapter uses a helper class to instantiate and control these SOAP components

->The SOAP adapter receives a msg from the remote client or Web service provider, converts the SOAP protocol into XI msg protocol and then sends the msg to the Integration Server to be processed further.

Hope now you might be knowing why we have to use SOAP adapter

A SOAP adapter is used in order to post messages to a webservice or provide a web service for receiving messages.

How To…Use the XI 3.0 SOAP Adapter

We have outbound as well as inbound interface. If you want to expose a websevice then we have to chose outbound interface and expose it as webservice to the outside world, so anyone can call your webservice. Please follow stefan's weblog


The next one someone has given you their webservice so that you can send your request and get response from them. You can visit to see lot of webservice that you can call using receiver adapter.

SOAP , we will use for Webservices.. for sender and receiver side..also

one example from Webbrowser to XI to receiver ...system

another example is we can send it to end point URL..

alos see the below examples




/people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/09/03/invoke-webservices-using-sapxi - Invoke Webservices using SAPXI


/people/michal.krawczyk2/blog/2005/03/29/configuring-the-sender-rfc-adapter--step-by-step [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

idoc to web services scenario


How to use webservices in XI


/people/arpit.seth/blog/2005/06/27/rfc-scenario-using-bpm--starter-kit - refer that blog and use the SOAP adapter and the WS instead of the RFC part.

see this blog from Robert Chu, but it might give you a good start to creating web services:


File to Webservices

Yes please look at following weblogs




How to Develop a Webservice Using NWDS and SAP XI.30

How to Set Up a Web Service-Related Scenario with SAP XI

Exposing BAPI as Web Services through SAP XI


Testing XI exposed Web-Services


How XML Encryption can be done using web services security in SAP NetWeaver XI


Consuming XI Web Services using Web Dynpro – Part I


Consuming XI Web Services using Web Dynpro – Part II




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SOAP adapters are used for communicating with the <b>WEB SERVICE</b>. Web service is a software system designed to support interoperable Machine-to-Machine interaction over a network. Web services are frequently just Web APIs that can be accessed over a network, such as the Internet, and executed on a remote system hosting the requested services. In common usage Web Service refers to clients and servers that communicate using XML messages <b>that follow the SOAP standard</b>. So we communicate the WEB SERVICE using the SOAP adapters.

This is an example WEB SERVICE which follows the SOAP standards

A scenario using SOAP adapter..

<a href="/people/shabarish.vijayakumar/blog/2006/03/23/rfc--xi--webservice--a-complete-walkthrough-part-1 -> XI -> WebService - A Complete Walkthrough (Part 1)</a> by Shabarish Vijayakumar

<a href="/people/shabarish.vijayakumar/blog/2006/03/28/rfc--xi--webservice--a-complete-walkthrough-part-2 -> XI -> WebService - A Complete Walkthrough (Part 2)</a> by Shabarish Vijayakumar



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To communicate with webservies SOAP adpter is used.

refer these links.....

<a href="">For Configuring the Sender SOAP Adapter</a>

<a href="">For Configuring the Receiver SOAP Adapter</a>



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For communication with webservices