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SOAP Adapter error

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Hi folks,

I'm using a SOAP adapter to send a message from XI to a webservice. The message currently gets as far as the SOAP adapter and then fails.

The error in the soap adapter log is: Can't call the endpoint; Exception raised by Cannot assign requested address: connect. This error is a few lines after the entry: Info: try to open socket for host abcd123, port 0 (where abcd123 is the web service server).

The error in the adapter engine log is: Error: HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

I have checked the configuration of the adapter and everything seems correct. The soap adapter is installed on the same server as the webservice so it should be able to connect to the webservice.

I am at a loss and would appreciate some help.



p.s. I am using XI 2.0

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In case anyone else comes across this problem, the error was in the definition (or lack thereof) of the port the web service was listening on.

The web service I was connecting to was listening on the default port (80) - consequently the documentation defined the web service as http://<servername>/abcwebservice/

If the above web service url is then used in the soap adapter configuration (i.e. just server name and no port), the adapter assumes you are trying to connect on port 0.

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