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SMTP Connection - Error

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after some configurations steps like

define smtp server for relay in SCOT ip adress, and port ok

define domain in SCOT.

schedule jobs to send email

the SapConnect in Tx SICF are active.

from OS, i run command telnet mysmtp 25 and answer smtp server firewalls ports are open

if i try to create new messaje from sbwp and put the correct adress, my user have all fileds in SU1, and send that email, arrived to SCOT, and run the schedule job and try send.

i review the trace log from and return error

Error Message cannot be

transferred to nodo smtp due to connection error

Thank for You Help


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Answers (2)

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If the recipient address is going outside your domain you need to make sure that the IP Address of your SAP Server is populated on the SMTP Relay Agent of you SMTP Server.



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possibly a firewall / port filter in between the sap system and the smtp server ?

you can if the connection is ok by doing the following :

- on operating system level from the SAP system (on NT open a dos comand prompt) type in :

telnet <smtp server> <port of the smtp protocol>

if you get a blank screen, the connection is ok.

If you get an error, please paste into here.

Thanks, kind regards,


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Thanks for reply.

my server run AIX, and if i try to connect (using shell) to my smtp server example " telnet 25", a connection can be established.

the error into the tracer say: " Error Message cannot be transferred to nodo smtp due to connection error"

and the message can´t be relayed!!!


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Can u please check the below.

SMICM-->goto services.

Please check if the SMTP service active.


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Please refer to SAP Note 455140 for additional information.

Once you check with your network adminstrator about SMTP relay settings.