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SMS via HTTP with SAPConnect

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Hey all,

I've a big problem with the SAPConnect, may somebody can help me.

Our SMS-Provider needs an standard http authorization (means if you open the SMSURL in the browser a browser login window opens). So I tried the standard HTTP notation like http://username:password@sms-provider. to login without the login window, but I doesn't work, i get a communication error.

Same link without the login notation works fine, but a login window pops up.

Hopefully I descriped the problem clearly.

Thanks for your answer


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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hello jorg,

this sounds not possible as http uses the header for its

authentication related info. for ftp, this is defined.

one way is to create a forwarder page that will put your

logon data in the header then forward it to that logon

page... however you have to know all the parameter names

necessary beforehand and if the target page accepts

forwarded requests.



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Hi Jo,

thanks for your answer. First of all, the authentication is a standard notation of the HTTP-protocol.

I tried this URL also in WAS 6.40 and it works fine, in 6.20 it is not possible (today I also got the acknowledgment of SAP that it is technical not possible).

So my problem: May I can use the SapConnect of WAS 6.40 'remote' for 6.20???

Have anybody an idea, if it is possible, and how?

Thanks for your answers


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