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SMP offline cache

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I have created a SMP application.I am facing issue in MergeEntriesFromFeed method call.The merge call is sucessfull without any error but its copying only 1 entry to the cache object and not merging all the entries in the feed to the cache.

ODataFeed* feed = [dataParser getFeed];

        __block NSArray* entries;


        NSError *errormerge=nil;


        if(![appdelegate.cache mergeEntriesFromFeed:feed forUrlKey:[request.url absoluteString] withError:&errormerge withCompletionBlock:^(NSNotification*notif)


                 NSLog(@"%@", notif);

                 entries = [appdelegate.cache readEntriesForUrlKey:[request.url absoluteString] withError:nil];

             }] )

Can someone please help in resolving this issue.

Thanks for your support in advance

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Answers (3)

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Hi Kalyani,

it seems that you are using an outdated mechanism. Is there a reason why you are not using the up-to-date API, which is available in the SMP SDK?

Please use the OData API for creating Online, Occasionally Offline and Offline Apps. This OData API got introduced in SP05 ..(current Service Pack of SDK: SP11)

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Hi All,

When i mergeentity from feed to cache and readentity back i am not able to get the complete enity set.I get only partial entities.

So can someone please help me in resolving the issue.


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Hi Kalyani,

It is not clear to me if your response is a new question or related to your original post.  If it is a new question, please create a new Discussion.  If it is related to the original, be patient.  Almost all who post in SCN do so voluntarily on their own time.  There is no Service Level Agreement regarding response times and bumping posts in less than half a day tends to irritate some of the experts who you would like to respond.

Regards, Mike (Moderator)

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