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SMD Agent for BI System with SPS16 - SR3 Agent

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I have to install a SMD agent for our BI-Java system, which is on SPS 16Oracle 10.2..SOlaris.

Our SolMan is on SPS17 including SMD Server.

Can I just use note 1144737 and 1170855 to install or I have to refer something else as SolMan is at SPS17.

I am thinking that I have to install an agent on BI-JAVA side then make sure it is fine from SolMan side. I have to use the Managed System Setup as well on SolMan side.

Once this is done, I have to deploy the Wielly, for which I do not need any install as we push it from SolMan side.

Please correct me If I am missing anything.

I will really appreciate your help.

Thank you.


Pease verify as I am very confused at this point.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As from NW04s SP12 onwards, SMD Agent is a part of standard NW installation DVD.

So if SMD agent is not installed on your Managed host, please proceed with the Agent installation steps. > Diagnostics Agent Setup Guide

Once the agent is installed you have to configure it report its data to SolMan.

Also next step includes the Configuration of local SLD as well as SLD of Solution Manager.

For more details on this refer to

Root Cause Analysis Installation and Upgrade Guide NW 7.0 SP15

and also guide attached in Note 1148028

I hope the provided information will be helpful.

Best Regards,

~Pradeep Bishnoi~

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