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SmartSync vs GenericSync

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I am developping a very simple application that should allow to:

-show customer informations of a specified customer

-create a new order

-modify a specified order

According to these requirements, I would like to know which type of synchronisation(genericSync or smartSync) would be the best appropriate and facilitate the development.



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Hi Alain,

for very simple applications with little data, I'd rather use Generic Sync. In Gen Sync you always have full control (and responsibility!) to specify what data is synchronized. In Smart Sync, much generic functionality is offered that does all the replication work for you, but it'll take you quite some time to understand and best use the functionality of Smart Sync. In Gen Sync, just reading the Gen Sync chapter + the Gen Sync example code should bring you quickly on the right track.

Cu, Jan

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Hello Alain,

for the first two requirements you can choose the standard SAP Mobile Sales R/3 solution. A sales representative can select his customers with detailed address data, orders and create new orders. The only thing missing is modify existing orders.